Program Information:

This exciting and interactive 60 to 90 minute team building event teaches your audience how the Think Like a Pirate in order to command success in business! Commodore Mayhem navigates your audience through 5 segments which communicate the “Five Points of Success” that made pirates prosperous. These segments contain team competition, exciting videos, interactive magic and the sharing of pirate aptitude and prowess.

  • Teams collaborate, submitting answers through electronic keypads (ARS)
  • Results are projected on screen(s), displaying team standings
  • Winning teams select hostages from losing teams who are banished to the stage where they must deal with the wrath of Commodore Mayhem
  • Team leaders dress in fabulous authentic pirate costumes (supplied by us)
  • Bandanas and scarves color-code the teams
  • Commodore Mayhem delivers the “Five Points of Success” used by famous pirates who ran their crews and fleet like a well oiled business machine. Slides and video are used to impart fascinating and impactful knowledge.
  • Exciting and dramatic music keeps participants engaged throughout entire program
  • Highly customizable for communicating your theme and strategic messages!
  • All this fun, team collaboration, song, interactivity and Pirate Magic makes for a motivating and memorable event for all!