Q:  How long does the event run?

A:  The event can run from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your agenda. We have flexibility to adjust the length.

Q:  How many people can the program accommodate?

A:   Anywhere from 50 to 1,000

Q: Does the event take place inside or outside?

A:  It is best to conduct the event within the meeting space of your General Session. The seating arrangement usually would be classroom, however rounds or crescents can also be used

Q: How do teams know where to sit?

A:  We supply colored table flags and additional décor that easily facilitates seating, that match the color for your pre-selected team

Q: Do we need to supply Audio Visual Equipment?

A: Yes, a projection system, screen and audio system.

Q: Is there a rehearsal?

A: Yes, a simple one, to make sure our production assets are aligned to work with the AV equipment, and to brief any of your employees you have pre-selected to be Pirates who may star as participants.